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Ethernet Cable

Why do I start with an ethernet cable? Because any experience I’ve had with WiFi sucks, especially for guests. If you’re inviting guests to join your podcast, tell them to use a wired connection. It will be much more likely to provide a consistent connection. For livestreaming, aim for a minimum upload speed of 10 megabits per second. This ensures smooth livestreaming and helps with sharing files during editing.

Microphone: Samsung Q2U with Windshield

The Samsung Q2U is the microphone I highly recommend for beginners. A windshield is also essential to improve sound quality. I’ve got a Samsung microphone here, though without a windshield. You can notice the difference in plosives. For your first 100 episodes, the Samsung Q2U is a solid choice.

Boom Arm

A boom arm is another essential piece of equipment. It helps position your microphone correctly and keeps it steady during recording.


Please use headphones. There are several reasons why headphones are crucial:

  1. The Samsung Q2U has a headphone jack, so you can plug them in and hear both the guest and yourself. This helps you gauge if you’re too near or far from the microphone.
  2. Using speakers instead of headphones can cause sound level issues and make the software work harder to distinguish between your voice and the speaker output.
  3. Wearing headphones ensures that the recording software captures all the nuances of your voice accurately.

Camera: Logitech C920

For video, I recommend the Logitech C920 camera. It’s affordable and provides good quality at 1080p resolution with decent autofocus and color balance. It’s also easy to set up with a USB connection.

Cardboard Box

Why a cardboard box? If you’re using a laptop for recording, a cardboard box can elevate it to eye level, making your camera positioning much better. This ensures you look more professional on camera.


Proper lighting is essential for video quality. A key light positioned about 45 degrees away from your face and slightly above head level works well. This setup will enhance your video appearance.

Comparing Audio Quality

Let’s compare different microphones:

Starting Microphone: Samsung Q2U

Here’s the Samsung Q2U microphone. Without a windshield, you might notice plosives. Proper positioning is key: aim the microphone at a 45-degree angle to your mouth and keep it about three inches away. In post-production, we can edit and enhance your voice further.

Guest Microphone: USB Headset

This is a USB headset. While not as good as dedicated microphones, it’s satisfactory for guests. I recommend USB headsets over Bluetooth ones, as they are more reliable and capture voice better without picking up ambient sounds. Sending guests a link to a decent USB headset before recording is a good practice.

By using the right equipment, you can significantly improve the quality of your podcast recordings, making your content more enjoyable for your audience.

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