Introduction to Podcasting for B2B Brands – Part 1 – Introduction

Podcasting for B2B Brands – Part 2 – What is Covered in this Series –>>


Hello, I’m David Bain. I’ve been involved in podcasting and marketing for quite a while. If you’d like to connect with me on LinkedIn, just search for ‘David Bain’. I’m sure you’ll be able to find me if we’re not already connected.

Casting Cred is the name of my agency. It’s a micro agency that specialises in producing content, particularly podcasts, video shows, and books. We focus on B2B brands, but we also work with B2C brands that have long sales cycles. This means products that are considered purchases, typically occurring every one to ten years. In these situations, a podcast can be very effective. I’ll explain more about this as we go along.

I’m also the presenter of the B2B Foundations Content Marketing course on LinkedIn Learning. As part of today’s discussion, I’ll briefly cover something I call the 6H Content Marketing Model to show where podcasting fits into the overall content marketing mix. If you’d like more insights on this, and you have access, check out the course – B2B Foundations: Content Marketing.

When Did I Start Podcasting? How Has Podcasting Evolved Since Then?

When did I start podcasting? That’s a relevant question to begin with, to explain why I’m discussing this topic today. I’ll share a couple of images, and you can guess the year I started podcasting. Here’s the first image. If you were active on the internet that year, you were probably on MySpace, and this chap was likely one of your friends. Does that give you a clue? I’ll give you one more hint: this phone was top-of-the-range at the time and was my pride and joy. I think it had WAP internet access. It was quite a while ago.

There’s a bit of a delay between me speaking and you responding, so I’ll give you a moment to guess. No takers? The answer is 2006. That’s when I started podcasting, which seems like ages ago. It was a year before the first iPhone launched.

Back then, to listen to a podcast, you had to download iTunes onto your computer and sync your portable MP3 player – which could have been an iPod or something else. Hayley guessed ‘1995’. Come on! Podcasting hardly existed then. Audio sharing might have been around, but you needed an RSS feed for podcasting. It didn’t surpass about 5,000 podcasts worldwide until 2005, when Apple launched iTunes. That’s when people really started getting into podcasting. So, just after that, I took notice and started my first podcast in 2006.

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