Is one of the reasons that you aren’t operating a well-oiled content marketing machine that you think it’s too much work?

Consider our podcast-to-book-publishing process below to re-imagine what’s possible and kick-start your band’s journey to becoming the go-to industry authority.

We can help you start a professionally-produced podcast, and move from doing that to producing a video show, and ultimately publishing a book.

Let's Talk

First up, let’s have a call. Let’s talk about the goals that you want to achieve with your content and any concerns that you might have.

We can also discuss the show style, the recording process, who’ll be appearing on the recording, recording tips and how to use the recordings as part of your overarching content marketing strategy.

After that we’ll move on to the first step…

A common reason why some bands don’t get started with a podcast is the desire to plan too far ahead into the future. We encourage our clients to only plan and record 3 episodes initially.

3 episodes is an ideal quantity initially to focus your thought leaders, without overwhelming them. And it’s enough content to be able to publish a podcast series publically, and then garner feedback from key stakeholders on how the content should evolve in the future.

We’ll then take your recordings (each participant is recorded separately on their own device using our specialist software) and edit each recording twice to create your own professionally produced show.

3 Episodes
Episodes 4 to 12

Once a more consistent episode format has been established, we recommend that you commit to a further 9 episodes to conclude a 12-episode run of the initial series of your show.

These episodes can be used to further hone the show format, and get the show talent (host and regular guests) comfortable with using the microphone correctly, and reducing “filler” sounds (umm / ahh) and repetitive words.

At this stage, transcripts can also be produced for each episode – and these transcripts can be turned into blog posts that form part of your subscriber experiences.

We’ve now reached the second series of your podcast! By now you should be much more comfortable with your show format, using a microphone and interview techniques. Now it’s time to up the stakes by introducing video episodes and social media clips.

We use specialist software that allows each participant’s video recordings to be recorded separately, on their own devices, just the same way that we record audio for audio-only episodes.

We then produce a video show for you as well, and publish it on your behalf to your YouTube account, allowing you to start building up subscribers there too. We can also take video clips from segments for each episode, to be shared on your social media accounts.

Episodes 13 to 24
Episodes 25+

Once you have a couple of series under your belt, that’s when we would recommend getting even more creative and starting to plan further ahead.

For instance, if your episodes average at just 20 minutes in length, a further 24 episodes will produce 8 hours worth of content – and that’s enough content to create a book.

If you plan out the content for your next 24 episodes into different chapters, this can quite easily be transcribed and then re-written to create a book that you can use to further enhance your brand authority. Check out the book that we published for Majestic to find out what’s possible and get in touch to discuss how we could do the same for you.