6 Steps From Starting a Podcast to Publishing a Book

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In this article, I’ll walk you through the six steps to transform a podcast into a published book. Recently, I published SEO in 2023 for Majestic—a substantial 500-page, 120,000-word book derived from a podcast series. Here’s how you can achieve a similar feat.

Step #1: Get a Decent Dynamic USB Microphone

Start with a good microphone. The Samsung Q2U is an excellent choice for most beginners. Priced around £80 in the UK or $100 in the USA, it offers great quality. Practice with it, get comfortable using it, and ensure you sound professional.

Step #2: Start With an Audio-Only Podcast

Begin with an audio-only podcast. This allows you to get comfortable with the microphone and refine your speaking style. Practice phrasing, handling silences strategically, and honing your interview skills. Aim to produce about 20 audio-only episodes initially.

Step #3: Use Video As Well

Once you’re comfortable with audio, incorporate video. Invest in a reasonable camera, like the Logitech C920. It’s around £60-70, provides 1080p resolution, decent autofocus, and vibrant colors. This step helps you adapt to being on camera while maintaining quality content.

Step #4: Livestream

After mastering pre-recorded video, transition to livestreaming while recording your podcast. Livestreaming adds energy to your content and reduces production time. Learn to manage live comments and interactions, adding a dynamic element to your show. While an iPhone can work, a fixed-position webcam offers consistency in your setup.

Step #5: Produce a Short Virtual Summit

Next, organize a short virtual summit—perhaps 4, 6, 8, or 12 podcast episodes in succession. This step builds on your livestreaming skills and prepares you for hosting larger events. Virtual summits can feature multiple speakers and provide a wealth of content.

Step #6: Produce a Full-Day Virtual Summit and Turn That Content into a Book

Finally, organize a full-day virtual summit. With 12 presenters covering planned topics, you’ll generate extensive content. Transcribe the summit, ensuring the transcript is polished and coherent for a written format. This material can be transformed into a comprehensive book. AI tools can assist with transcription, but human editing is essential for quality.

Producing a full-day summit yields a treasure trove of content: multiple podcast episodes, blog posts, social media updates, and a substantial book.

Case Study: Majestic

Let’s look at a case study: SEO in 2023 for Majestic. This project included 101 podcast episodes, a video series, and a book. By launching the book with a livestream, we achieved the number one spot in the Online Internet Searching category on Amazon. The podcast also became the top SEO podcast on Spotify.

Here are the stats:

  • Launch: Early December
  • First six weeks: 5,000 downloads, peaking at 200+ daily
  • Next three months: 15,000 downloads, peaking at 350+ daily
  • Five months total: Over 20,000 downloads, averaging 250 daily

This success came from consistent publishing and a niche focus. While 200 daily downloads may seem modest compared to top podcasts, targeting a specific niche ensures your content resonates with your audience. This strategy builds a dedicated following, keeping your brand top-of-mind for when your audience is ready to buy.


By following these six steps, you can turn a podcast into a book while creating a vast array of content. This process not only establishes your expertise but also provides valuable resources for your audience, ensuring your brand remains memorable and influential.

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