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(But we work with B2B brands from all over the world.)

Our story goes back to 2006 - that's when founder David Bain started his first podcast. However it wasn't until 2014 when he started to get really serious about pro quality podcasting. Check out our work and about us to get a better feel of what we do and what we can produce.

Our Services

Podcast Planning

Don't leave it to chance

When you launch your podcast, it's your best chance to make a big splash! A podcast plan should incorporate the 5 T's: Topics, Talent, Timelines, Technology and Tactics. 

Podcast Production

Amateur hour is over

It isn't 2006 anymore. Nowadays your listeners expect high quality digital media production - and if they don't get it from you, they'll get it from your competition.

Complimentary Content

Podcasting is only the start

A podcast is a wonderful way to initiate the production of multiple forms of content. Don't just view podcasting as an audio-only opportunity. If you do, you're missing out.

About Us

David Bain

David Bain


In addition to a great deal of podcasting experience, our founder David Bain has a strong background in marketing, helping you to integrate podcasting as part of your overall communications mix.


We'll help you in your perfect podcasting pursuit.


When you begin the process of planning your podcast with Casting Cred, we'll be there with you every step of the way, helping to ensure that you dot every i and cross every t.


We create a virtual room where all of your podcast participants join - we’ll manage the whole experience, record everyone individually and produce each episode to pro audio standards.


It’s absolutely key to ensure that your podcast publishing process is slick, that your show syndicates quickly to all the right places and that all of your episodes are easily found.


Whatever you do, don't just publish and then move on to the next episode. Define a launch and promotional strategy for every single episode that you publish.

Our address

63-66 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8LE