Hi, I’m David Bain – Founder of Casting Cred and I’ve been producing podcasts for longer than most!

About Casting Cred

I launched my first podcast in 2006.

Back then a podcast wasn’t a way to drive traffic or awareness. And it certainly wasn’t somewhere you could find professionally-produced audio.

In 2006 it was very difficult to subscribe to a podcast. There weren’t any smartphones. If you wanted to subscribe to a podcast you had to download an early version of iTunes onto your computer, use that software to download podcast episodes to your computer when you were connected to the internet – and then plug your portable MP3 player into your computer to slowly sync whatever you’d downloaded. Not fun, and a process only embraced by techies.

Fast forward 8 years to 2014 and smartphones such as Samsung’s S5 and the iPhone 6 had made it so much easier for the general public to embrace subscribing to podcasts.

I’d spent those 8 years working in senior marketing roles for 2 agencies and a couple of B2B SaaS companies, but I didn’t lose my passion for podcasting – and it was now time to take it seriously.

So that year, in 2014 I invested in this RE20 – a top studio microphone, taught myself how to produce great quality audio and launched the show that I became known for – Digital Marketing Radio. Over the next 3 years I interviewed some of the world’s leading marketers, published over 200 episodes and generated well over 20,000 episode downloads each and every month.

Digital Marketing Radio’s success meant that I was getting noticed by several top marketers. SEMrush asked me to host and produce a show for them. Larry Kim asked me to start a show for him. People were seeking me out to produce podcasts, video shows and host virtual summits for them.

When 3 brands reached out to me in the same month in early 2019 it seemed quite obvious that I should be packaging and promoting my services – thus, here we are with Casting Cred – a relatively recent podcast agency brand – but hopefully you can tell – an experienced one.

Nowadays I do work with a small team, but the operation’s still small enough for me to take personal charge of everything that’s going on.

So what about you? Why are you watching this video? I presume that you represent a B2B brand, thinking of starting a podcast? If so, get in touch and let’s arrange an initial exploratory call. It would be a privilege to have your brand as part of our future story. Talk soon I hope.