An introduction to our 3 core services – podcast planning, podcast production and complimentary content

There are 3 main types of services that we offer…

1) Podcast Planning

Creating a podcast for a B2B brand is very different to creating a podcast as a personal project or creating a podcast with a view to creating a business around that particular podcast.

When you create a podcast for a B2B brand, it’s a wonderful way to generate and publish content that’s integrated as part of the overall communications mix. 

When you represent a B2B brand, you have to think about how the podcast fits in with what you’re currently doing, how it can be used to create additional content for use elsewhere like social media channels; and how you can create longer-form white paper style content by planning out multiple related podcast episodes beforehand – and using your podcast as a base from which to create larger thought leadership pieces.

I’ve even published a book as a result of publishing a podcast, – there it is – Marketing Now – so it’s really worthwhile thinking about how different episodes can knit together to form something even bigger.

As well as having a lot of experience in podcasting, livestreaming, virtual summits and video production, I’ve also worked in several senior marketing positions, so I know exactly how and where a podcast can and should fit in with the rest of your content activities.

When you begin the process of planning your podcast with Casting Cred, I’ll be there with you every step of the way, helping to ensure that you don’t forget anything that’s key.

2) Podcast Production

The second key service that we offer is podcast production.

This starts with helping you design the structure of your show, making sure that all of your podcast participants sound as good as possible, and that the heavy burden of all podcast production-related tasks and headaches are taken off your shoulders.

As a marketer, I would strongly recommend that you continue to do a great job on things like your brand strategy, your call-to-actions, your purchase funnel, conversion rates, SEO, paid traffic, email and all the other essential elements of the modern marketing mix.

Let us here at Casting cred partner with you to produce your high quality podcast and all the complimentary content you desire.

Do you really need to learn how to edit audio professionally – removing umms, ahhs, silences, repetitions and ensuring that each participant sounds as good as possible?

And what if as a marketer, you’re asked to do something urgent and the podcast has to take a back seat?

Or what if, with the best will in the world the quality of the audio you produce is worse than your competition and it actually has a negative impact on your brand?

We’ll take all of those concerns and production challenges off your hands.

We create a virtual room where all of your podcast participants join – we’ll manage the whole experience, record everyone on high quality, seperate tracks and edit and produce each episode for you.

3) Complimentary Content

This brings me on to our third core service – Complimentary Content services 

As content marketers it’s easy to get lost in focusing in-on what you’re good at producing or the type of content that you’re more passionate about.

For instance, podcasters tend to love recording and producing podcasts but they generally tend to be less good at promoting podcast episodes once they’re published.

And that’s a terrible shame because when you record a podcast, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to produce content for publication elsewhere.

For instance, you can livestream your show while you’re recording.

You can also produce a video show to publish on YouTube.

And you can take video clips or highlights and use that on social media.

You can transcribe each episode or turn each episode into a blog post.

And I already mentioned that you can plan multiple episodes together to turn into a bigger content piece such as a whitepaper – or even a book.

The Casting Cred Complimentary content service means that you don’t have to worry about producing or even publishing all of this wonderful, related material. Leave complimentary content to us and focus on what you do best.

So that’s a summary of our 3 core services – podcast planning, podcast production and complimentary content.

If you represent a B2B brand that’s thinking of starting a podcast, get in touch today and let’s arrange an initial exploratory call. It would be great to hear from you.